If you are driving on 17th Street in Lynn Haven, you may notice some major changes. Today, crews were out finishing up the 17th Street ditch project. Just a year ago, a dangerous ditch sat on 17th Street across from Caine Griffin Park.
“Where this beautiful grass is growing now was a 15 foot ravine that would fill all the way to the top with water and trash and it was a breeding ground for mosquito’s,” said Lynn Haven Mayor Margo Anderson.
The ditch has been a hazard to drivers for over two decades. 
“There’s a great deal of traffic and especially during rain or at night when you can’t see that well, this was such a hazard for residents.”
Now, a brand new grassy area sits where the ditch used to be. Anderson says it’s going to make the area much safer for drivers, as well as help with drainage issues.
“It’s going to help with storm water mitigation. When this would fill up, it would cross the road and travel into the neighborhoods. This caused a lot of flooding to the houses around here, so I think neighbors are going to see a lot of relief from the flooding.”
The 17th Street ditch project cost $3.9 million dollars and took about a year to finish. Anderson says it’s going to be an asset to the community.
“I’m so happy that this is covered and it’s completed and I think this is going to be a great asset to the city that we don’t have this danger here any more.”
Anderson says her next goal is to start working on the ditch that sits on the west side, which is the opposite side, of 17th Street.