PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — With fall officially here, downtown Panama City transformed into little Germany this weekend.

Residents took to the streets of downtown in their best lederhosen and dirndls to celebrate Oktoberfest.

“My wife and I both have German heritage so anytime we can go out and dress up and drink beer and have fun with the community is always a good time,” event-goer Phil Evans said.

Jason Werchan and his daughter Fuzzy spent eight years in Germany. This is their first time at the Panama City Oktoberfest.

“It’s got the beer, they got that part right,” Werchan said. “We are still on the search for some schnitzel. We saw some brats, that’s good as well. She is looking for a big giant gingerbread cookie because that’s kind of the fest thing in Germany so it’s scratching the itch. To answer your question, it is scratching the itch.”

Local businesses like History Class Brewing Company greatly benefit from the bump in sales and exposure from events like this.

“It’s not just good for business, it’s good for the community too,” History Class Brewing Company representative Seth Carpenter said. “It gives us a good reason to come out and support other local businesses. We’ve got food and beer from all around, not just us at the brewery but it is going to be great for us. We’ve got our Septemberfest on tap, made especially for this weekend.”

Destination Panama City President and CEO Jennifer Vigil said this year a lot of their partners on Harrison Avenue stayed open for the event.

“Having events, especially pedestrian-friendly events where people can bring their kids and get out and stroll, it’s really an economic driver,” Vigil said. “If they have not to downtown before, while they are walking around they may see a store that they might want to come back for later.”

Vigil said this year’s Oktoberfest is shaping up to be one of the festival’s largest turnouts yet.