BAY COUNTY, Fla. — Hurricane Michael has passed but the storm is still brewing for a local woman.
Now, working with her third construction company.

Immediately following the storm, Panama City resident, Jasmin Tolbert started to get her life back in order and hired the ‘United Water Restoration Group.’

Tolbert said, “They showed up whenever they want to come, they’ll come. If they don’t want to come, they don’t feel like it. You know, they just wouldn’t meet appointments. Just wasn’t meeting the expectations that I needed in order to start the process of repairing the home.”

Tolbert says the last straw was this. “They forged my signature on a brand new contract that included the AOB language, which I don’t condone at all,” said Tolbert. 

News13 spoke to representatives from United Water Restoration and they say, they didn’t give clearance for this. “We utilized a third party, Diaz Field Services. They guys did show up to do the work. Unknown to us, the homeowner was not home, the services were rendered and they forged the homeowners signature on the lower left corner of the contract,” said Vincent Thomas.

Thomas also says Tolbert was never charged for any work they did on her home.

Once the issue was resolved with them, Tolbert hired another business, entitled ‘No Job 2 Tough,’ but still had her suspicions.

Tolbert said, “They gave me the estimates to complete the house and it was red flagged at one point by our insurance company.”

Tolbert says the red flags continued as she tried to get proper paperwork from the company that would disclose their licensing numbers and insurance policy.

“They would send me different items but never what I actually needed. They admitted right before Christmas, they are not licensed,” said Tolbert.

News13 reached out to No Job 2 Tough and waiting to hear back.