News 13 showed you a special creation just a month after the storm. You may remember the bald eagle carved into a fallen tree in Panama City. That artist has been busy creating more works of art. On Wednesday, he bagan his first piece in Mexico Beach.

The type of art is becoming a trend. The sculptor he’s done at least ten trees since the storm. “It’s really hard to find things that are beautiful right now,” the home’s owner said.

In the devastated beach town, signs of hope are coming to life. A collage of items found in the aftermath were brought together and spray painted into a heart. 

Now, a mermaid with the same message, love, is being carved into the stump of a fallen tree. I lost so many trees, hundreds. The devastation was too much for me,” the homeowner said. 

“What we’ve seen to far are the broken trees, the damaged trees, so this is exciting to see something new and fresh and pretty,” a neighbor said. Mary Seefeldt isn’t the only person to hire local sculptor Chad Gainey.

“I’ve done quite a few since the storm,” he said. From sculpting bald eagles to marlins, to bears,”I’m glad that I can do something to make people’s outlook on the situation a little bit better,” Gainey said.

“I hope this brings the community together, and all of the communities, to see that we can find something beautiful in all of this,” the owner said.

The sculptor will paint it on Thursday.