Local Parker Elementary students become honorary city officials for the day


PARKER, Fla. — If you were the mayor and had $100 thousand to spend, what would you do?

Seven Parker Elementary 5th graders had the chance to make those big decisions on Friday, for the City of Parker’s annual “Mayor for the Day” event, as part of Florida City Government Week.

One student, Isaiah Lee, has some big ideas.

“I’m thinking that we should not cut down trees, we should plant trees,” he said. “That way our future children and their children can see more trees.”

In Isaiah’s world, the environment is a top priority; coming up with eco-friendly modes of transportation.

“I mean, we could ride bikes,” said Lee. “It’s good exercise for everything.”

On Friday, he was able to put those ideas to work as Parker’s Honorary Mayor for the day. 

“I’m just so proud,” said his mother, Deangela Amis. “[I’m] so proud of all the kids today, they all deserved it.”

Lee and six other students were selected to be honorary city employees, like the Fire and Police Chiefs, City Clerk, and more. They were chosen from over eighty essay entries on what they would do if they were in charge.

“We could recycle, and throw away all the trash and help the planet,” said Kaiden Flowers, chosen as the Honorary City Attorney. 

Honorary Fire Chief, Alexa Bryant, wrote about improving the fire stations.

“I would update the equipment, and more training for them doing burning houses, wildfires,” said Bryant.

“We chose these [students] because they were very heartfelt,” said Patricia Marcino, a 5th grade teacher at Parker Elementary who helped choose the students to participate. “It seemed that they put a lot of thought into it.”

The kids were able to hold their own city council meeting, tour city departments and hear from the employees that work there, and of course, ride in the fire trucks; getting to learn all about what it’s really like to work in local government. 

“It’s my high hopes that some actually go forward to elected office or working as an employee in one of our cities,” said Rich Musgrave, the Mayor of the City of Parker. 

According to Mayor Musgrave, Isaiah is one to watch out for. 

“He is an ideal mayor for the day,” said Musgrave. “I better watch out because I’m afraid he’s going to take my job away from me.”

“They do a lot of things for the city,” said Lee. “I know it’s kind of tiring, but that’s what mayors do.”

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