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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) —2020 marks 100 years since women across the US earned the right to vote.

The League of Women Voters in Bay County decided to make this anniversary special by recognizing one local woman each year for their work towards equality.

The Alice Paul Award will be something special by remembering the past.

Alice Paul was the leader in pushing the 19th Amendment to get passed back in the 1920’s

With almost 100 years since that major step for women’s rights, the anniversary sparked an idea for the League of Women’s Voters.

“We’re kicking off the awareness for the centennial of women’s suffrage. Now that it’s been 100 years since women have acquired the right to vote. The 100 year milestone also reminds us of what work is still to be done in women gaining full equality,” said President of the League of Women’s Voters in Bay County, Shelley Clark.

The league is looking to recognize millennial women for their civil engagement.

“It’s a great time for us to look at where we are in terms of women’s influence and impact. We know that women’s influence is growing and has become very impactful in modern times and still there is a lot of milestones we have yet to achieve,” said Clark.

Anyone can submit nominations for the award at: 

The League of Women’s Voters hopes to make this into an annual award.

“We’re looking for people that have been active in something outside of just their employment responsibilities or volunteer work for their employers. We’re looking for people that have demonstrated a selfless attitude about doing what’s best for other people,” said Clark.

Nominations will be accepted until the end of January. The Alice Paul Award will be presented to its recipient on February 24th.

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