PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Panhandle locals competed for the title of fastest oyster shucker.

Several local restaurants offered up their best shuckers for the 4th annual Angry Tuna Oyster Shucking Contest.

“We are really excited to have the contest,” Angry Tuna Seafood owner Tim Jacobi said. “Turnout was great. The competitors were amazing. Fastest oysters shuckers in Bay County. If you missed it you missed a big show. I want to see you next show.”

Shuckers are ranked on speed and then judges inspect their precision.

Some of this evening’s competitors shuck two dozen oysters in under two minutes.

Joshua Blevins from Hunt’s Oyster Bar came out on top with a time of 1:58 for two dozen oysters shucked.

“Man, it feels amazing,” Blevins. “I know all these guys, they could’ve taken it just as fast as I could’ve. I was just the better man today.”

Blevins has big dreams for the future of oyster shucking.

“Not a lot of people know about this shucking competition and the more people get involved, maybe we could get it to be an Olympic sport,” Blevins said. “That’s what we’re trying for.”

Last year’s winner Honor Allen from Dat Cajun Place won the 2021 national championship and went on to place second in the world championship in Ireland.

“Going over there and shucking the native oyster to Europe and computing on it is absolutely nuts,” Allen said. “To perform well on it is a whole different story so I’m just very lucky man and blessed.”

Blevins will compete against Allen in the 2022 national championship in two weeks.