PANAMA CITY, Fla.(WMBB)– A Hand Up International Inc. held a Thanksgiving food giveaway at Rutherford High School on Saturday.

Over 70 Rutherford students and volunteers helped give away fresh produce, canned goods, turkey, and ham.

Around 500 families will now have food to eat on Thanksgiving.

A Hand Up International Inc. CEO Jeanette Best said the holidays are not the only time families need help.

“We’re very excited and always looking for an opportunity to serve the community and this is just another opportunity,” said Best. “So, you know, people are in need of food all year long. That’s one thing for the community to remember. It’s not just Thanksgiving and Christmas that families need help. Families need help all year long. So we’re just here to serve our community all year.”

A Hand’s Up International Inc. gives away food twice a week and does a food drive once a month.

The organization is located at 6804 Bayou George Drive.

On their website at, you can sign up for notifications for their food drive.

Best said if you show up they will be ready to serve.