MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — Jackson County has very little workforce housing.

This is why the County Commission is rushing to decide which company should bring in more to the endeavor property.

“We want to make the project move forward at as fast of a pace as we can because permitting, and all the design built for that property will take time to do it,” County Commissioner Eric Hill said. “And we just really don’t need to waste any more time.”

Valient Enterprises and Prosperity Quality Services both drew up plans for the 290-acre site.

Prosperity had envisioned a neighborhood within a neighborhood.

“Something you could really just kind of grasp your hands around that’s really kind of southern country living but in a smaller area,” Hill said.

The downside to Prosperity’s plan is they haven’t put in much groundwork.

Commissioners said it seems Valient is ready to move forward now.

“There will be some apartments, there will be single-family homes, and then there will be condos that will be for sale,” County Chairman Jim Peacock said.

Commissioners said Valient wants to incorporate a program called Rent-to-Own.

“If I understand it correctly, it’s a mechanism you’re basically given a stipend if you pay your rent so much on time, then they will get that towards the purchase of the house and over a period of time if you maintain that good standing with a rental agreement then they can actually covert that portion, I don’t know what ratio, of that rent towards the purchase of that house,” Hill said.

Hill said the problem with Valient’s $300 million project is the cost of living.

He said it wouldn’t be very accomodating for the workforce long-term.

Commissioners will announce the winning company on June 21.