BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County has a new State Representative heading to Tallahassee.

Tuesday night, Bay County Commissioner, Griff Griffitts, won the universal primary making him the State Representative for District 6.

Griffitts will take his seat in the house in November. But until then, it’ll be business as usual during his last few months in the district 5 seat.

“We’re still going through our budget year, we will pass our millage in September to get everything settled for the year for fiscal year ’23,” Griffitts said. “It looks to be a great year for the county.”

Come November, the governor will have a few options to fill Griffitt’s spot on the commission.

“My last day is November 7th and then there will be an open county commission seat and the governor has a few choices,” Griffitts said. “It’s my understanding that he can appoint someone, he can call for a special election or he can just leave it vacant.”

Griffitts said county officials are going to push for a special election or appointment. He said the seat carries too much responsibility to leave vacant.

“We’re hopeful with some efforts and some lobbying to the governor we can say there’s a very vital role on this county commission seat,” Griffitts said. “We’re still in much of a recovery mode in Bay County we need somebody in district 5 to fill that void and we’re hopeful the governor will do that.”

Griffitts said the last few months on the commission will be bittersweet.

“I’ve loved being a county commissioner,” Griffitts said. “Through some really, really tough times I mean Hurricane Michael obviously is something that will always stand out. To serve with my people there it was very special. We formed some serious bonds and they’re like family to me and so while I won’t be working with them, I will hopefully be upstairs in the government center with a new office and new staff and still able to visit my friends down there on the second floor who do such a great job for the county and the people.”

Griffitts will be sworn into the State House of Representatives in November. He said some of his priorities include infrastructure, property insurance reform and education.