WEWAHITCHKA, Fla. (WMBB) — The contract to build Wewahitchka’s new firehouse with Winterfell Construction went up in flames on Thursday.

At Thursday’s commission meeting, Mayor Phillip Gaskin terminated Winterfell’s contract even with the possibility of a lawsuit and not being able to find another company to finish the firehouse.

Winterfell Construction President and Bay County Commissioner, Tommy Hamm, said working with the City of Wewahitchka on their new firehouse has been difficult.

“I have never ever in my career 15 years ever worked for a bunch of people as incompetent and inept as is the city commission of Wewahitchka,” Hamm said.

The city alleges Winterfell Construction is responsible for a crack in the foundation, a faulty rook and delayed construction among other problems. However, Hamm said none of these issues fall on his company.

“They stall, they won’t make decisions, I put things in front of them and they table them it took literally months for them to just make a decision whether to put sealer on one side of the block or the other,” Hamm said.

Hamm said the crack in the foundation is a design issue which ultimately falls on the city. He said the concrete he poured passed several tests.

“I didn’t design those plans I poured that concrete pursuant to the plans exactly like that was shown,” Hamm said.

As for the roof, the city said the manufacturer wouldn’t issue them a warranty because the roof was installed correctly.

But at the meeting, Hamm presented an email from Steel Corp LLC, saying the roof was installed correctly and that the warranty would be honored. Wewahitchka city officials said they can’t accept the email because it’s address to Hamm, not the city.

“They say they’re going to warranty the building, they say they’re going to warranty the building,” Hamm said. “It don’t make a damn difference all that was just BS on their part.”

Hamm said no one on the commission can make a decision. He said they had to switch gears on new doors for the firehouse and said a change order was submitted on December 10.

He said the city still has not signed that change order.

“Those people are going to want a contract for me to sign, a sizeable deposit for me to put down, I’m not doing that without a signed change order from the city,” Hamm said. “I put it in front of them and they act like it never existed.”

Hamm said Winterfell plans to sue Wewahitchka for breach of contract. News 13 attempted to ask Mayor Gaskin, the city attorney and city clerk for comment and they all declined.

If Wewahitchka wants to find a new contractor, they will have to do so soon or else they risk losing critical FEMA funding for the project.

To see the email, concrete tests and change orders from Winterfell, see below.