PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – West Bay Elementary school took reading to new heights as they encouraged students to read Friday.

The creative idea came from a challenge the faculty received last summer. West Bay members said they are really pushing the importance to read every day.

West Bay Elementary Principal Deniece Moss attended a conference last summer where she was challenged to find new and creative ways to encourage student reading.

She came up with “reading from the rooftop”. She says it challenges students to read at new heights.

“It starts at such an early age, reading picture books, just opening up a world of reading and the love of reading with your child,” Moss said. “Get them hooked on reading but to learn basic sight words and to grow in reading.”

Moss said they’re also encouraging parents to help nurture that love of reading at home.

Miller said she hopes the event today inspires children to continue reading. Next month they’ll hold the same event, reading “Captain Underpants”.

West Bay student Yusuf said every grade is routinely challenged to read a book and then explain what it’s about in 6 words.

“So this one is about overcoming fears and this one is about learning lessons,” Yousuf said. “Oh one more thing, readers are leaders.”

West Bay teachers plan to continue these reading events each month, featuring new books, themes, and special guests.