PARKER, Fla. (WMBB) — Workers have finally begun construction on the new sports complex in Parker. Since July, they’ve laid the gravel foundation for the facility.

Anticipation for the new sports complex continues to rise as time goes on. But, City of Parker Mayor Andrew Kelly said there’s a reason why the property is looking the way it does.

“We’ve been held up by the rain, they have cleared the property, obviously contracts have been signed and permits have been signed,” Kelly said. “They have got all of the foundation material delivered and as soon as we have enough dry days, they’ll go over and start building the actual foundation of the sports complex”

The gravel foundation may not seem that important but it is necessary for future courts.

“So the tennis or any of those courts are much like a road, it has layers of blacktop on top like a street if you don’t have a sound foundation the blacktop will crack and we will have to do it again in ten years,” Kelly said.

The city of Parker like many small cities has been affected by the economy.

“It’s not what we had asked for and it is not what we received. What it is is the local costs of finding manpower or the local costs of purchasing materials to build what we wanna build,” Kelly said.

Along with the materials and workers needed, the Mayor said the city may need to look for extra funds to complete the complex.

“We borrowed the money to be able to get the advance, as soon as that money is refunded it’ll go to pay that loan off and then after that we will; just look for other funding sources,” Kelly said.

While the process isn’t moving as fast as they would like, Mayor Kelly said it will be worth the wait.

“It’s important for the city of parker because it’s kind of like the center of the city. It’s the one thing most people have asked for,” Kelly said. “As mayor, I try to do the things that they would like me to do.”

Mayor Kelly said the plans still include tennis, basketball and pickle ball courts. He also wants to build an outdoor classroom with a walkway directly from the schools, but they’ll need more funding.

FEMA had previously given the city 4-years from Hurricane Michael to complete the project.