WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A teenager has been making his mark all over South Walton County, but not in a good way.

He has been vandalizing the Rosemary Beach community, and deputies believe he’s responsible for thousands of dollars in damages.

“The past couple of weeks we’ve experienced a significant amount of graffiti that’s been sprayed on random things in the Inlet Beach area. Trash cans, stop signs, and the side of a U-haul was sprayed with graffiti,” Walton County Sheriff Deputy John Glenister said.

In the last week, they have received eight reports from the Rosemary Beach, Inlet Beach, and 30A area.

He’s vandalized the Western Greens bathroom, a U-haul, utility boxes, and walls.

“We believe it’s one person the reason behind that is because the videos are showing a white male with dark hair on a bicycle by himself in both situations in 30A Avenue and Rosemary,” Glenister said. “It is the same signature, he is using different spray paint. At first I thought he was just using blue, but he is using different colors, but he is using a spray can with the same design.”

And although it seems like a minor crime, the suspect is facing a criminal mischief charge. and the graffiti “art” is around $3,000 dollars worth of damage.

“It’s important for us because it does cost money to clean it up and we don’t want that appearance in that area and we don’t want it to grow into bigger problems,” Glenister said.

The sheriff’s office is asking for your help identifying the teen so they can put a stop to the vandalism.

If you recognize the person in the video or notice any graffiti, please report it to the Walton County Sheriff’s Office at (850)-892-8111 or you can contact Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers anonymously at 850-863-TIPS (8477).