FREEPORT, Fla. (WMBB) — Walton County deputies said Thursday that a “rather ridiculous trend” led to extensive damage to the bathrooms and other areas of The Freeport Regional Sports Complex.

“In this latest trend, kids record themselves throwing toilet paper, sticks and other debris in the toilets to clog up the system – ultimately destroying it,” they wrote.

They also ripped soap dispensers off of the walls and carve graffiti on the stalls.

“Criminal, not cute,” deputies said.

However, the teen suspects carved their names in the wall, “along with multiple depictions of – we’ll call them – ‘male private parts.’

Investigators also learned these two teens also made snapchat videos showing the sports complex in the background, which confirmed they were near the property around the time it was vandalized.

Both teens admitted to being on the property and vandalizing the restrooms.

“They were arrested and charged with criminal mischief, which is a misdemeanor,” deputies wrote. They added that the identies of juveniles charged with misdemeanors are protected under Florida law.

“Walton County Sheriff’s Office will continue to monitor the area to protect the complex, but we need parents’ help with monitoring your teens behavior on social media and discussing the outcomes and consequences of these challenges,” deputies added. “Teens, leaving your mark on something is not worth being arrested over. Do not destroy the place you call home for views.”