WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A Walton County Sheriff’s Office detention deputy has found himself on the wrong side of the bars.

Investigators said he stole money from an inmate.

Jordan Tyler Rogers, 37, was fired and arrested after allegedly stealing $150 from an inmate.

Sheriff Michael Adkinson put Rogers on administrative leave as soon as their investigation began on December 16.

“At the end of the day, it really has nothing to do with the inmate who he stole from,” Walton County Sheriff Michael Adkinson said. “It’s at some level in the macro if you will, is I’m not going to tolerate a thief, right, so there’s a level of integrity that we expect and here’s the thing to understand about this particular situation, because this was in the currents of his duties, he should forfeit his retirement.”

Investigators said Rogers refused to take a polygraph test but eventually confessed to stealing from the victim.

They arrested Roger Wednesday and booked him into the Walton County jail.

“We set a very high ethical standard in what is and is not acceptable because there are certain things that may not be illegal, but I consider unethical, and those are that’s that’s a standard above the criminal aspect,” Adkinson said.

Adkinson said he believed this wasn’t the first time Rogers has stolen.

“I refuse to believe that, you don’t decide to start stealing, you know, putting everything at risk for $150, 20 years into your career, I suggest this is probably a long-term character flaw with him,” Adkinson said.

Rogers has been a detention deputy since August 2021 and worked in the department of corrections for 16 years.

“This is a consistent pattern of behavior, I think we at the sheriff’s office have, which we hold ourselves accountable,” Adkinson said. “We don’t set a separate standard for the public and if anything, the threshold is higher and I expect higher so obviously, I’m very disappointed, but very proud of the men and women who come to work, do their job every day at the Walton County Jail.”

Rogers is currently charged with petit theft and official misconduct.