PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Two months ago Panama City Police entered the old Lisenby Skilled Care Facility. The property is being converted into new apartments. 

Nashville property owners hired Darrell Sample as a security guard during construction. Police mistook Sample for a squatter. Sample’s dogs began barking and Captain Mark Laramore threatened to kill the animal.

“He’s protecting him.  I’ll f****** kill him,” Panama City Police Captain Mark Laramore said.

Sample was napping when police burst into his room and he was groggy.

 “I don’t know that this is your house,” Laramore said on body camera footage. “This is commercial property. You gonna get ID or not.”

When Sample didn’t immediately prove an ID, Laramore handcuffed him and forced him to the ground. 

“Have a seat,” Laramore said. “How bout right there. This ain’t your house.”

Sample said the incident could have been much worse.

“If it wasn’t for me to realizing one guy was actually in a cop uniform, things could have gone sideways,” Sample said.

Sample is a partially disabled Army veteran. He said the incident triggered post-traumatic stress he suffered from his time in the army.

“It’s caused my, my military connected to service things to flare back up. You know to the point things I had taken care of and got taken care of. You know and so it’s brought back some memories, bad memories of you know being overseas.”

Panama City Police issued a statement on the incident. They said the officers were looking for a missing child when they entered the building. The property owner had previously requested the department check the building periodically.

But Sample said the request was more than a year old. He had since started living on the premises. 

Officers appear surprised on body camera footage that someone was living in what they thought was an abandoned commercial building. The officers then walked Sample to his car to retrieve his identification. 

With Sample still handcuffed, Laramore contacted the property owner using Sample’s phone.

“I’m pretty sure he knows now that if an officer asks for his ID he damn sure better give it,” Laramore said. 

Even after confirming Sample was allowed to be in the building, Laramore still contemplated arresting the vet for not providing identification.

“Should I not arrest him for resisting, refusing to give his ID or should I just let him go with a warning, what do you think?” Laramore said. “Would you like to go to jail or would you like me to let you out of handcuffs?”

“I don’t know how many rights was violated,” Sample said.

Panama City Police said they’ve reviewed the incident and found Sample’s detainment did not violate department policies. However, they found Laramore violated the department’s speech policy and ordered him to receive more training. 

“I believe the whole department from the higher up needs to be retrained, probably reorganized,” Sample said.