PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Gov. Ron DeSantis made his way back to Bay County on Tuesday to speak to the public about the Chipola Complex wildfires.

DeSantis stressed the importance of following mandatory evacuations.

“These fires are moving very quickly and it’s not something you can just wait and then all of a sudden bail at the last minute,” he said. “Nobody wants to tell someone to leave their home. It’s a major inconvenience, it’s not good for people generally. We understand that. But if they’re doing that, that’s because they fear risk of injury, property damage or death for an individual, so please heed that call.”

The governor also warned the public to not only be mindful of the fires, but also of the weather.

Officials are anticipating rain this week that may help stop the spread of the fires. However, there is also a threat of severe weather, including lightning and tornadoes.

He also wants residents to be cautious when driving at night.

“Dense fog combined with the smoke from the fires may limit visibility in the area again tonight, so please take it slow on the road and be mindful for any wildlife that may be escaping the fires.”

You can watch the full news conference above.