BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — After three months, we are beginning to get an idea of what happened the night a young man was killed in Parker.

He was allegedly involved in a dispute that led to a drive-by shooting.

No one has been charged so far, but a video of the incident has now surfaced.

Walter Green said his stepson, Darius was visiting his friend’s house in Parker on May 21.

“They made this look like it is a blatant murder, it isn’t, it is all over a simple girl. Someone had to lose their life over a girl,” Green said.

He claimed a girl his stepson was talking to via Snapchat threatened to come over and kill him around 2 a.m. that morning.

“The incident happened over a young lady the young lady asked him about his past, he told her and the young lady want to call names and stuff on the phone saying they are going to come to kill him and all this so Darius did the right thing they notified his friend’s step dad. They didn’t think anyone was coming because it took so long for them to get there. They didn’t think no one was coming, they just blew them off, then at 2 o’clock in the morning, they show up. That is when the gunfire was exchanged,” Green said.

A home security video shows the shooting.

Green said the teenagers in the car were hanging out of a window and began firing at the house.

In the video, three young men come out of the house, armed with guns, and return fire at the car as it drove away.

Two individuals in the car were hit. One died, the other was injured.

“She needs to tell the truth, the people in the car need to tell the truth and parker and the state attorney need to stop dragging their feet and start holding people accountable,” Green said.

Green said his family constantly receives social media threats.

He said they’re being watched and that they’re concerned about another shooting.

They’ve gone as far as wearing bulletproof vests when they leave their home.

“I am perturbed with it because it doesn’t seem like the department of Parker don’t wanna do anything about this,” Green said. “At first this was supposed to be a justifiable shooting and now that they are looking more into it they are trying to make it out like these individuals maliciously shot this young man and that’s not how it went down.”

Green said his stepson acted in self-defense.

Parker Police told News 13 on Monday that the case has been turned over to the State Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors said they’re still reviewing the shooting.