CHIPLEY, Fla. (WMBB) – Some Washington County residents say they want answers about some long-delayed FEMA projects.

On October 19, county commissioners agreed to put all FEMA projects on hold until further notice.

The delays revolve around the county’s FEMA project manager, Wheeler Management Consultants.

The company is reportedly being investigated by the federal government.

Commissioners say they requested an extension on their projects back in March, but have not received any reimbursements.

“It’s well known there’s an FBI investigation, and now we have a FEMA investigation that has halted reimbursement funds that could possibly put the county at the brink of bankruptcy. If things don’t change real quick,” Washington County resident Benita Crittendon said.

In order to meet outstanding FEMA obligations, commissioners voted today to take out an additional $ 6 million line of credit.

They were already working off of another $6-million credit line.