VERNON, Fla. (WMBB) — Black Barn Blossoms opened up three years ago and on Saturday it hosted its inaugural Sunflower Festival.

Owner Gina Hamilton said Fall is the perfect time for an event like this.

“We wanted to, being that its fall and sunflowers are kind of associated with fall, we wanted to kind of focus on the sunflowers,” Hamilton said. “I know that a lot of people come here for the beaches, but we also wanted to create an event for families in the fall and give them something to do locally.”

But, the original plan for the event didn’t happen. Hamilton and her team had to find a new way to sell sunflowers after the cooler weather.

“So the little bit of frost that we had, we had to cut the field so we have all the sunflowers by the stem and not the field,” Hamilton explained.

The flower farm hosted the event for not only themselves but for other local businesses to have a chance to raise money.

“So we have about 20 vendors and five food trucks and the vendors are local artisans so you can support local businesses besides ours in that way,” Hamilton said.

With a great turnout in year one, expect to see the Sunflower Festival again next year.

“I love it, it makes my heart happy,” Hamilton said. “I’m just so excited to have this big of a turnout so it’s more than we could have hoped for.”

Hamilton said this is just one of the many events hosted by Black Burn Blossoms and they love organizing events for the community.