VERNON, Fla. (WMBB) — A disagreement between co-workers wound-up with one going to the hospital and the Ebro Volunteer Fire Chief going to jail.

The incident happened Thursday morning at the Circle “H” Gas & Deli in Vernon.

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies said Ebro Fire Chief, Jackie Wade Moon, 48, was caught on surveillance video.

The video shows Moon approaching Rebel Lee Marsh and two other men. Moon and Marsh confront each other and then Moon grabs Marsh and takes him to the asphalt. Marsh is then seen getting up, holding his head, and running into the business.

Marsh was treated in an area emergency room for the large gash on his forehead.

After questioning everyone involved, deputies determined the four men worked together. They said Moon got into an argument with Marsh on a work-related chat page. When they all showed up at the gas station, the argument turned physical.

Moon was arrested and charged with felony battery.