WASHINGTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — In Washington County, a 14-year-old boy is behind bars after he reportedly shot and killed his own brother.

Sheriff’s deputies responded around four p.m. Sunday to the heartbreaking scene.

Washington County sheriff Kevin crews said two brothers, Mathew and Andrew Pierce, and their friend were watching a movie at their home on Lawrence road when the brothers began to fight.

“I don’t know what the fight was about at this time but there was a fight between two brothers and it became physical,” Crews said. 

Sheriff Crews said that’s when 14-year-old Mathew Pierce reportedly grabbed a handgun and shot his 15-year-old brother, Andrew, in the head. 

Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies and EMS arrived at the home shortly after getting the call and what they found was a devastating scene.

“Pretty rough scene for the deputies that responded to the first ones that got there,” Crews said. “I just pray for the family.”

Washington County EMS transported the injured brother to a hospital in Bonifay where he later died. Sheriff Crews said during the investigation they spoke with the boys’ father. He said he is heartbroken. 

“Full of emotions the father is,” Crews said. “He will be planning a funeral for one son and down the road, court proceedings for the other son.”

Sheriff Crews said Mathew Pierce has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder, but this is still an ongoing investigation. 

He said there is a lot left to discover about what really happened before this tragic incident.