FREEPORT, Fla. (WMBB) – The only thing better than getting a great birthday present is getting a great Christmas present – a day early. That’s what happened to Glenn Thompson.

“I never knew any of these people but they are my angels,” Thompson said. 

Throughout the year, Thompson battled some major health issues.

While his health was on the mend, the mess inside and outside his house grew. 

Some of his neighbors called Walton County Code Compliance, which scheduled a hearing about Thompson’s property.

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“I explained everything to the judge and so then he gave me another 30 days to get rid of it until January 15 to have everything done or he is going to fine me really heavily,” Thompson said. “From October the 22nd to January the 15th it’s $100 a day.”

Thompson said he planned to do as much as he could to fix the problem. But little did he know there was a Christmas miracle on the way. 

Dan Curry and other community members stood up at the hearing to offer help to Thompson. 

“I was at the hearing to support a friend of ours,” Curry said. “So I heard Mr. Thompson and I heard his story and I didn’t know him and it struck a chord how he just needed help. There needs to be an avenue for folks like this.”

The next day they were at his house cleaning up the trash, picking the weeds, and trimming the bushes. 

“One day here there were well over 30 people here,” Curry said.

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Curry and others have been hard at work every day for the last 10 days. They’ve filled up two dumpsters full of trash, cleaned out his shed, and are fundraising to buy him a new trailer home. 

“I prayed so hard before that hearing, but during that hearing when everyone came forward I just said ‘they’re my angels,’” Thompson said.

Curry hopes to have the entire project finished by New Years Day.

“We will have our own ribbon-cutting ceremony,” Curry said. “We’ll put some caution tape up here and let Mr. Thompson cut the caution tape.”

Curry said he plans to approach the Walton County Board of Commissioners about starting a program to help people in need like Thompson clean up their yards and homes.