SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — The Walton County Commission approved the sale of approximately 24 acres of land during their meeting last month but new information has slowed the approval process. 

The land is located in Mossy Head Industrial Park. 

Commissioners are selling it to the house manufacturing company 37 Properties LLC, which is owned and operated by Kevin Crystal. 

However, Chairman Danny Glidewell said that shortly before the meeting, he had been informed of new information which made him hesitant to approve the contract. 

“There are enough questions from what I was told this morning that I want an answer and I think two weeks is reasonable,” Glidewell said.  “To give them. I’m sure Mr. Adkinson will be glad to share the specifics of that without doing it in open.”

Despite questions from the public, Glidewell declined to publicly share what he was talking about. 

Both Glidewell and Crystal refused to comment on the situation after the meeting. The next Walton County Commission meeting is scheduled for April 11th.