WALTON COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — For five-year-old Kyla and mother Laura Gould, getting into the holiday spirit hasn’t been easy. 

“It’s hard to be in the Christmas spirit when we are not in our usual place, we’re not doing our usual things,” Gould said. 

In August, Kyla was diagnosed with medulloblastoma or brain cancer. 

She also developed posterior fossa syndrome which could take away her ability to walk and talk. 

“We’ve gone from having this bubbly, bright, wild, spunky, child to finding out she has cancer,” Gould said. “The cancer that she has is not just one that is easy to get rid of.”

Santa patrol is underway at PCPD with ‘Operation Senior Santa’

Since August they have been back and forth between St. Judes Hospital in Memphis and their home in Santa Rosa Beach.

Leaving behind friends and family, including Kyla’s dad and brother.

“Usual days she has occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy,” Gould said. “With the posterior fossa syndrome, she is still learning how to walk again.”

Gould said the last few months have been tough. Kyla’s fight doesn’t just affect her, it affects her family, friends, and everyone who knows her. 

In an effort to lift their spirits, friends started to send them Christmas cards.

Then after word spread on Facebook groups, letters from strangers started showing up.

Gould said she is blown away. She said they have gotten cards from Texas, North Carolina, and more. 

Now her classmates at South Walton Academy are joining in. All week long teachers like Amy Mcgregor have had their students make handmade cards. 

“As a class, we want to make sure that we are letting her know that we are not forgetting her and that we love her and even though she is not here physically she is here in our hearts,” McGregor said.

Friday, while they worked on her cards they even facetimed her in to join the party. 

Now as Kyla recovers from her first round of chemotherapy, she will be surrounded by thoughts and prayers written on these pieces of paper.

“We are going to put all of those Christmas cards up on the walls,” Gould said. “I don’t care if it is past Christmas, the Christmas cards will stay up because it is just a reminder of all the people that are thinking of her.”

Kyla and her mom will be staying at St. Jude’s for the next few months. If you would like to send a card you can send it to this address:

1811 Poplar Avenue Apt 317 Memphis, TN 38104.