DeFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) – A new street mural in downtown DeFuniak Springs is causing quite a stir.

The city’s transportation department has completed the first phase of the mural on Baldwin Avenue.

The mural is part of a road safety and maintenance project.

But while the art piece is designed to help slow motorists in the downtown area, it has become a controversial subject on social media.

There are hundreds of comments about the mural on Facebook, with users calling the addition “just plain ugly” and “a waste of taxpayer’s money.”

“I think the controversy really comes in, in terms of color. Some people argue in terms of why there is any lettering at all. Again, part of that is to slow traffic down, but another part of that is civic pride,” DeFuniak Springs City Councilmember Anthony Vallee said. “We love our community. We are proud of our community. We want it out there for everyone else to see and honestly, I was very excited that that was brought forward.”

The DeFuniak Springs City Council will address the mural in the Monday night meeting.