WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)– For many, pets are like family, and losing one can be a hard thing to bear. Santa Rosa Beach local, Diane Kenney has always loved dogs, and through her job as a certified canine hydrotherapist, she seeks to give people more time with their furry best friends.

You’ve probably heard of aquatic therapy for humans, but did you know dogs can use it too?

The title, man’s best friend, rings true, as dogs are susceptible to many health conditions just like humans are.

“Arthritis is common, especially in larger dogs because it wears on their hips, hip dysplasia is another one and I have clients that I have post surgeries when they’ve had ACL tears, and neurological disorders causing spinal injuries,” she said.

Kenney has her dog clients swim in warm water to increase blood flow, giving more blood circulation to muscles in hopes of improving mobility and reducing pain.

“I am basically like their lifejacket, I’m able to hold them and help them get the range of motion and results we need,” she said.

Since opening her business four years ago she’s been able to help dozens of dogs in the area, and has numerous success stories.

One that comes to mind for her is Redd, an Australian Shepherd that jumped out of a car and sustained a back injury. Veterinarians said he would never walk again.

“After the third session I had him walking and now he is just like any other dog,” he said.

Owners of Winnie, a five-year-old Newfoundland, said that Kenney has made a difference in their dog’s life.

“As she has been getting older, we noticed she has been gaining weight and having issues getting up and down, which is very normal for her breed. They have a lot of arthritis. So we found Beach Dog Aqua Therapy and we have seen immediate results,” said owner, Annabel Toole.

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