WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — An online petition is making the rounds to add a 30A specialty license plate to Florida’s manufacturing rotation.

The 30A Company alongside the nonprofit Scenic Walton created the license plate for Florida registered vehicles, with the proceeds going back to improving the local area.

“A local 501C-3 nonprofit that works on beautification projects in Walton County,” said marketing coordinator McKenna Mears. “That’s everything from landscaping our roadways to improving our pedestrian paths, cyclist paths and undergrounding overhead utilities. So it really does a lot for keeping our county scenic, keeping people coming back, keeping Morgan Wallen writing about this place in his songs and all of that stuff.”

To get approved by the state, the new plate must have 3,000 people registered before manufacturing can begin. As of May 18, they needed 800 left to hit that mark.

“This is the only specialty tag that generates revenue for beautification projects in Walton County, so it’s super important for our county and we’re just excited to get this on people’s cars,” said Mears.

The 30A Company is waiving the $33 specialty plate fee for the first 3,000 to sign up. After getting started, $25 of the $33 fee will go to Scenic Walton.

“It’s a great opportunity for people to get the 30A, the permanent 30A sticker on their car and to support Walton County,” said Mears.

While the list keeps growing, Mears said they hope to have the plates in hand by the end of June.

“So they’re excited, but they are anxiously awaiting the e-mail from the state, telling them that they’re ready to go and that they can get them on their car. We want to get these on people’s cars as soon as possible,” said Mears.