WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A man arrested for the murder of a missing woman has confessed, according to court records.

Dagan Blake Boring was arrested and charged with the murder of Tara Deaton. Deaton’s remains were recovered by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office last week. According to an arrest report, deputies located Boring who allegedly had a relationship with Deaton at a convenience store last Thursday, and took him into custody.

Investigators said Boring then spoke with them about Deaton. Boring eventually led investigators to the area of the forest where he said he left her body.

When he and investigators arrived to the scene, he identified a sleeping bag in the area. Boring said that it was the bag he was using when he left Deaton’s body.

According to court records, Boring said he beat Deaton with his fists. Then a second altercation began while they were in a car together. Boring said he blacked out, and that when he came back he saw that he had beaten and strangled Deaton and killed her, records state. Boring proceeded to a nearby hospital to receive medical care for injuries on his hands while Deaton’s body was in the vehicle.

The confession goes on to state he drove around for a day with Deaton’s body in the trunk of the car before leaving her body at Point Washington State Forest.

Law enforcement officials said an autopsy will determine the cause of Deaton’s death. Boring is being held without bond in the Walton County jail.