SANTA ROSA BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Hammock Bay Residents in Walton County were vocal during Tuesday’s commission meeting.

They opposed a rezoning request.

Developers are hoping to build affordable housing in the area.

For three generations, Linda Patterson said her family has owned property in Walton County.

On Tuesday, Patterson asked commissioners to approve her rezoning request, changing her 28 acres of land from “Rural Village to Commercial.”

Commissioners denied the first rezoning request back in August.

“This is nothing more than my mother-in-law who quite frankly her family has probably resided in this county, I don’t know, longer than almost everyone in this room,” Patterson’s son-in-law, John Isaac Southerland said. “And the only opposition they’ve heard this morning is from residents who live in a development that was only made possible at some point in this county history because that land went from a rural zoning scheme to some type of commercial zoning scheme.”

The property is located on the south side of State Road 20, approximately 3.1 miles from the Intersection of US 331 and State Road 20.

Nearby Hammock Bay residents were opposed to the request due to concerns about traffic and stormwater issues.

“Changing the land use and zoning district in this location will cause major traffic and safety issues. SR-20 and Westfield Road intersection improvements are needed before zoning and or land use changes of any type should ever be considered,” Hammock Bay Resident Dave Douglas said.

Developers are hoping to put an affordable housing unit on the property.

“This site is ripe for change is to change into general commercial to allow for that to multi-family affordable housing,” AICP Certified Planner with American Planning Association Melissa Ward said.

Commissioners voted to approve Mrs. Patterson’s request, the next step is for developers to get a development order to move forward.