WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Walton County Commissioners and the Clerk of Courts are still at odds after a controversial report was released back in July.

The report detailed the possible misuse of county funds by all five commissioners.

On August 10, Walton County County Attorney, Clay Adkinson, sent three letters to Clerk of Courts, Alex Alford.

The letters were written on behalf of commissioners Tony Anderson, Michael Barker and Danny Glidewell.

Adkinson also submitted supporting documents to defend Anderson, Barker and Glidewell against allegations they misused county money.

“As the records attached to the agenda item today show, the records, by and large to support this board’s contention that there was no misappropriation of funds or violations of policy by and large were already in the clerk’s system,’ Adkinson said.

Adkinson’s letter maintains the clerk did not practice audit standards.

Alford’s chief counsel, Sidney Noyes, responded to Adkinson’s letter saying it wasn’t an audit — but rather an examination of potential asset misappropriation.

“I admit I thought it was an audit considering the word audit appears over 30 times,” Adkinson said.

All five commissioners are accused of misusing taxpayer money for items like first-class flights, alcohol purchases and expensive hotel rooms.

Glidewell said he provided 290 pages of documents to the clerk’s office. He claimed they were already available before the report was completed in April of this year.

“For them to say that those documents were missing when they were readily available in their own record system is at best incompetent and at worst malicious,” Glidewell said.

At last week’s county commission meeting, Glidewell told Adkinson he had “no confidence” in the clerk’s office and is asking Adkinson and his staff to look at ways to “address” this issue.

“So if there’s matters or ways that we can address their professional licenses and certificates I think if the legal staff can identify them I will file the paperwork because they could have chose to got out of this,” Glidewell said.

Adkinson said he is collecting the same documentation for commissioners Trey Nick and William McCormick.

Adkinson’s letter also suggests the Clerk of Court’s office is to blame for not finding any violations when the expense reports were first submitted.

He’s also asking for a public apology from the clerk’s office.