WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — If there’s going to be a law enforcement inquiry into Walton County commissioners’ expense accounts, The Florida Department of Law Enforcement won’t be doing it, at least not now.

The FDLE sent a letter to Walton Clerk of Courts Alex Alford saying they did not see anything warranting a criminal investigation.

They discussed the letter at the Walton County commission meeting on Tuesday night.

Commissioners said they were frustrated because they couldn’t communicate with Alex Alford while FDLE was involved.

In July, a report surfaced accusing Danny Glidewell, Tony Anderson, Trey Nick, Michael Barker, and William McCormick of using purchasing cards for unallowed expenses.

Those expenses include first-class flights, alcohol purchases and expensive hotel rooms.

But now, all five commissioners are off the hook.

“This has been a long drawn out process,” Walton County Commissioner Michael Barker said. “There was a lot of speculation, basically it revolved around documents that were supposedly missing.”

The state attorney received a letter from FDLE stating they will not be initiating a criminal investigation, due to a lack of evidence.

“A lot of people say a lot of things and public perception is there are some disparities in the board there, there are some things going on that shouldn’t. We have been called crooks, we have been told that we were misappropriating money, things like that, simply was not true,” Barker said. “Everything is documented that we do, if we spend a penny, it is documented. Everything. The clerk is the comptroller to the board and it goes through his office. So record-keeping and things like that, the documents are there if there’s not records on financial things we turn in we wouldn’t get reimbursed for it.”

Barker said they will continue to conduct business in the way that it should be conducted for the county.

Barker also said they shouldn’t have these problems anymore, moving forward they will focus on clear communication so that this doesn’t happen again.

The FDLE case agent’s letter told Alford to contact them with any future concerns.