PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla (WMBB) — With school beginning Wednesday, Walsingham Academy is readying to add more students. This fall the second-year school will add third-grade classes. 

It will now be Pre-K through third grade, after only going up to second grade last year. 

After all classes were on the first floor last year, second-grade and third-grade will move upstairs. Administrators said the school expects to add around 100 students.

“Second floor is open to us so we’re getting the classes set up for second grade and third grade, will be moving upstairs this year,” Walsingham Academy Principal Amy Harvey said. “As well as the media center. Still have some last minute projects, like out in the parking lot, some adding of parking spaces which we’re really excited about. Because we know as we grow we’re going to need those spaces.”

Walsingham added more parking for the larger staff. It has added five new teachers this summer. The school plans to add fourth-grade and fifth-grade in the next couple of years.

Harvey said the school could eventually be expanded to include a middle school.