BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — FBI data showed Panama City and Panama City Beach Police reported a rise in violent crime rates from 2010-2020. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported a slight decrease in violent crimes. 

By comparison, Florida’s violent crimes have decreased by 30% in the same time span. 

But Bay County numbers fluctuate when broken down by category.

Both Bay County Sheriff’s Officials and Panama City Police reported an increase in murders. Both departments reported four murders in 2020. That’s still far below the 16 murders reported between the three agencies in 2014.

Panama City Beach Police and the Bay County Sheriff’s Office saw rape arrests decrease in 2020, from record highs the year before.

Panama City Beach Police reported 20 rape arrests in 2019. That dropped to 12 in 2020.

Bay County Sheriff’s officials reported rape arrests went from 51 to 30. But Panama City Police rape arrests spiked from five in 2019 to 28 a year later. 

Robbery declined throughout all three agencies. Panama City Beach Police had a high of 37 robberies in 2014. 

That steadily decreased to just 10 by 2020.

Panama City Police saw its highest robbery arrests in 2015, 86 total. Robberies steadily fell to 29 by 2020.

The Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported its most robberies earlier in the decade, averaging 52 from 2011-2013. But that decreased as well, reporting just 22 in 2020.