PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Hurricane-proof buildings and renewable energy solutions are just some of the innovations coming to “the base of the future.”

The fourth annual Power Up Energy Expo took place in Panama City Beach on Wednesday. Experts and vendors met to show off their energy-saving technologies and Tyndall Air Force Base officials discussed their energy-efficient plans for the rebuild.

The Gulf Coast Energy Network hosted the energy expo for the 13th year in a row.

“We partnered with the Air Force and provide this as a way to communicate and share information on everything from building more resilient installations, energy, microgrids, and advanced fortified construction technologies,” Gulf Coast Energy Expo Executive Director Dave Robau said.

Robau said it’s been interesting to see Tyndall’s plans for technology come to fruition since last year’s presentation.

Tyndall Air Force Base Natural Disaster Recovery Division Chief Colonel Robert Bartow presented Tyndall’s plans for a more resilient and energy-efficient base as they continue their multi-billion dollar rebuild.

“We’re also looking at potential projects to incorporate redundant energy systems that will allow us to take advantage of renewable energy, potentially to provide uninterruptible power supply to the installation, even in the event of a storm,” Bartlow said.

In April, the base went solar with its first solar array.

It will give them the capability to provide power to their headquarters for up to four hours.

“One particular thing that we’re doing to save energy at Tyndall is by adopting the Miami-Dade standards for the exterior of the building. So the impact-rated glass, the impact-rated doors in particular, and there’s a secondary benefit not only to building the building stronger against future hurricanes,” TAFB Natural Disaster Recovery Division Deputy Mike Dwyer said.

Dwyer said the reconstruction of the Air Force Base is important to both the Air Force and the local community.

Over $2 billion worth of construction is going on at Tyndall Air Force Base, they expect to be completely finished with the rebuild by 2027.