Tyndall hopes new online check-in is more efficient and saves money

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Visitors and contractors will soon have a new way to check in to Tyndall Air Force Base. 

Instead of checking in to the visitors center daily, people will be able to check in online. For contractors, their boss can check them in online. 

“It allows contractors or visitors to pre-enroll on the website, and then they send that to their sponsor,” Sergeant Tia Garland said of the new online system. “Who then sends that to visitor control center’s around the world.”

The new software is expected to be more efficient, and allow people to get onto the base more effectively. Tyndall officials also expect it to keep the base safe. 

“It’s saving time, manpower, it’s helping out the contractors not having to come in here every day, looking for their ID card,” Krystoffer Miller, a Tyndall Plans and Programs Superintendent said. “They can just get a notification and it’s streamlining the entire process.”

Miller said the new system will cut visitors to the visitor center by 75%. In the next two to three months, the new online entry system will be implemented. Once it is, 100-150 people will no longer have to check in to the center daily.

“It took over a contract that we currently had in the works that saved the government about $350,000 for one Air Force base,” Miller said. “And what we’re able to do is test it for all the other enterprises.”

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