PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Students at Tyndall Academy hosted Tyndall Air Force Base service forces on Wednesday.

The service forces taught the students about the importance of law enforcement.

“I hope that these kids get inspired, I hope that they understand that police officers, law enforcement officers, security forces, they’re great people to talk to,” Tyndall Squadron Commander Major Jordan Criss said. “They’re great people to interact with and they’re here to keep them safe.”

While teaching the students about the roles of law enforcement at all levels, service forces also looked to spur the student’s future potential careers in the Air Force.

“We wanted to cast a wide net and show kids it’s not only about one thing,” Criss said. “It’s about all the different things that come together, the technology, the weapons, the people.”

The Air Force brought weapons and tools like a $100,000 robotic bomb-defusing dog. By showing the different capabilities the military maintains, Tyndall Academy teachers anticipate some students becoming more interested in the STEM field.