BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — One Tyndall Academy fourth-grader is excelling in the classroom, and is now ranked as the top math student in the state of Florida.

Jackson Criss ranks as the 12th fourth-grader nationally, through the “First in Math” software program.

“We check our rankings quite often to encourage them,” fourth-grade math teacher Regina Ferrell said. “And Jackson is one of the ones, he’ll let me know if he’s moved up very quickly on Monday.”

Criss completed a semester’s worth of coursework in just three days.

“I’ve helped some people with math in my classroom before,” Criss said. “And maybe if you understand it, and you get it one day then maybe you can teach it to other people too.”

His teacher has taken notice of Criss’ help with his peers. 

“He’s fantastic, he works hard, he helps others,” Ferrell said. “And if there’s something in the program they don’t understand, he’s quick to show them how to do it.”