PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — According to AAA, gas prices across the state declined over the week before Labor Day.

Gas prices declined over Labor Day weekend, but according to AAA, people were still paying 50 cents more compared to 2021.

“Gas doesn’t get me very far you know, because I keep having to fill up $3.29 right now and if I drive to the beach it’s $3.57,” ‘Tdlshubby,’ a local Panama City rapper, said. “People think that a couple of cents doesn’t make a difference but it does make a difference.”

AAA, reported the average tank of gas now costs nearly 53 dollars. Floridians were paying 20 dollars less last June.

Despite the decline, Florida residents are still on the lookout for the lowest gas prices.

“Usually, I try to go to the same gas station and of course, if I am going out of town then I have to use a different one. I usually try Murphys, and Sams, they have more reasonable prices,” Tdlshubby said.

AAA, suggests several ways to save on gas like combining errands to limit driving time, removing excess weight from your car, and driving conservatively.

Some of the lowest gas prices are right here in the Panhandle in the Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, and Panama City markets.