PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Thousands of apartments are under construction in Panama City as the city continues rebuilding after Hurricane Michael. 

120 new apartments are being built at the Park at Massalina. A new complex is being constructed on Jenks Avenue and 15th St.

The offerings range from affordable housing to luxury apartments.

“Some are market rate, some are subsidized, some of them are low to moderate income focus,” Panama City City Manager Mark McQueen said. “Some of them are with our Panama City housing authority.”

McQueen expects thousands of new apartment units in the next five years.

McQueen said workforce housing is the most pressing need. He said it is difficult to find land to build more apartments. But city officials are encouraged by housing construction that’s taking place in previously undeveloped areas.

“Between what’s going on in the original part of Panama City that we always known to be the original part of Panama City, and Panama City north, kind of the undeveloped portion of the city, we have over 3,400 apartment units that are under construction or in development at this time,” McQueen said.