PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — In late 2019 five men allegedly planned to rob 31-year-old Ed Ross. Ross was a drug dealer in Panama City Beach. 

Prosecutors said on Dec. 29, 2019 three of those men knocked on Ross’ home. Ed’s father Ken Ross answered the door.

Prosecutors said the three men – Abel Ortiz, Joshua Campbell and Andre Bivins – asked to see Ed Ross. 

As Ken Ross went to retrieve Ed Ross from the shower, the three men allegedly burst into the home brandishing guns. 

Prosecutors said they then shot at Ed Ross seven times, shooting him five times.

Ken Ross said Abel Ortiz was the last to shoot Ed Ross, when Ross was already bleeding out.

“He fired and then he stepped further into the living room and fired over the sofa or the love seat, onto Ed when he was on the floor,” Ken Ross said.

Prosecutors said Ortiz, Campbell and Bivins then left the home. Neighbors tried to help Ross, but it was too late.

“He was looking at me so intense,” Neighbor Valerie Maddox said. “And then when I would give him breaths I could tell that it wasn’t going in the right place. It was just coming out of holes in his body.”

After the shooting, Ortiz’s teacher Samantha Boyd said she didn’t see Ortiz for a couple of weeks. When she finally saw him back at school, Ortiz had gotten a haircut.

Boyd said Ortiz told her he had been in Louisiana. Boyd also said Ortiz said he had killed a man in Panama City Beach.

“He said it happened on the beach and said he went to the person’s house and said the Dad opened the door and he closed the door, but he tucked and put his foot in the door, jarred the door open and said that he had shot someone,” Boyd said.

Defense attorneys urged jurors to pay attention to the evidence. They said there is not enough evidence to convict Ortiz.

Ortiz’s first trial ended in a mistrial when jurors couldn’t agree. In the second trial, he was found guilty but he was granted another trial because jurors found out that his first trial was a mistrial.