PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Following a police chase from the Hathaway Bridge down 15th Street, the car involved crashed into a local tattoo shop, destroying the building.

According to surveillance video and employees at Electroluxe Tattoo Company, it happened  around 1:30 am. A car was traveling in excess speed when it lost control and crashed into the west side of their shop, completely tearing through the building and ending up on the other side.

Then the driver hopped out of the vehicle and broke through the front window.

With the building now in shambles, Electroluxe staff says all they can do now is rebuild.

“We’re just really lucky that no one was here. Because the path the car came in, it literally would have killed everyone in here. The trajectory of the car took out the front counter, and took out all of the four tattoo booths as you can see. If we would have been in here under normal business hours, everyone in here probably would’ve died,” said Electroluxe Tattoo Owner, Steven Thomas.

Owners saying they cant seem to catch a break.

“I’m shocked, very disappointed I mean after Hurricane Michael we’re still in litigation over damages from that shop. So we used the last of our savings to open up this shop,” said Thomas.

They do plan to create a GoFundMe page to help rebuild.

Saying they will post that link in the next week on their Facebook page.