MILLVILLE, Fla. (WMBB) — The weather was perfect for the annual Christmas parade in Millville Friday morning. Hundreds of students from all over Bay District Schools gathered along the East 3rd Street parade route to see Santa and grab some candy, and the performers put on quite a show for the kids.

Elementary school students got the chance to experience some Millville Christmas magic. Teachers, parents, and even a raccoon watched as floats rolled down the street, riders tossing out candy to the kids.

“This is the first grade’s first year since Hurricane Michael to come to the parade,” Tommy Smith Elementary School teacher Gale Cassady said. “They’re excited to see Santa and they’re excited about filling up their bags with candy. So, we’ve had to really talk to them about not diving out in front of a float to get candy. We actually have a teacher who volunteered to dive out and get the good stuff and throw it at the kids.”

Marching bands, cheerleaders, batons, and flag twirlers all performed in this year’s parade. Local businesses, throwing candy from their vehicles, made the kids’ day.

“I like the cars, and the candy gets thrown out and I really like all the stuff,” first-grade student Emily Rodgers said.

But, the most exciting part of the parade for these children is the chance to see Santa Claus. It also gave them a chance to practice their Christmas lists.

“Two elf holders, I also want a house, like my own baking house,” first-grade student Alexana Stewart said.

And even though they didn’t get to tell Santa about their wish lists today, we’re pretty sure he knows what they want. The Millville Christmas parade is a tradition that dates back several decades.