PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A jury decided Thursday that a Springfield man took part in a robbery that nearly left another man dead.

Prosecutor Frank Sullivan told jurors during his opening statement Thursday that Rodrick Sessions, was lucky to be alive after he was shot in the mouth, according to a news release from the state attorney’s office.

After hearing testimony from Sessions and two Springfield Police Officers, jurors found Mark Salmon guilty of robbery with a firearm and attempted manslaughter for Feb 22, 2020 incident.

Salmon is one of three men charged in the case, and the first to go to trial.

“One co-defendant is accused of shooting Sessions, the other is accused of physically taking about $2,000 from him,” prosecutors wrote. “Salmon was also there, armed with a pistol, according to testimony.”

“If you find Mark Salmon participated in any way, he is just as guilty,” Sullivan told jurors during his closing statements. “He is a principal to it and he’s just as guilty as the person who took the money.”

Sessions told jurors that he was checking on his property when he was confronted by the suspects.

“They started asking, ‘Where the money at, where the money at? We know you got money,’” Sessions testified.

Sessions said he was trying to get it out of his pocket when the man with the rifle shot him, the bullet passing through his chin/lower lip.

“That’s when I spit the teeth out and spit the bullet out,” he said.

Salmon testified that he stayed in a car during the assault and did not know what was happening outside — a claim that jurors did not believe.