SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — Springfield police are still working on a murder case that has gone cold. 20-year-old Tania Baker was killed in January 2020. 

Baker was placing her eight-month-old son in a car on Bob Little Road when she was shot at point-blank range. She was then shot three more times. 

“We don’t have any solid suspects, we have a lot of people of interest but we don’t have any suspects of this moment,” Springfield Assistant Chief of Police Russell Voyles said. 

Voyles said Springfield Police issued search warrants on recently recovered cell phones. They’re also pulling phone records and bank records.

“There’s definitely some frustration,” Voyles said. “We have weekly meetings about this case. We have a reserve officer who has one goal.”

The department is working with the DEA, Homeland Security and the FBI. They’re also working with police departments in Georgia, Alabama and South Florida. 

“There’s some very specific things that happened in this case that are a little bit unusual,” Voyles said. “So we’re also working with some federal partners on trying to see if we can match that up to anywhere else across the country.”