PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A seventh-grader from Holy Nativity Episcopal School finished top 10 for her invention.

Holy Nativity Episcopal School competes in the Invention Convention every year but it is rare for them to have a student make it further than districts in competition.

Anna McCord’s invention began as a school project before it won her a national award. She created the ‘Sea Me Here’ device to make people at sea more visible to rescue teams.

The neon green float is made out of plastic and aluminum foil. The color and materials make the item noticeable at all times of day.

McCord explained her inspiration.

“Because there aren’t many solutions like that out there and my mom and dad… they dive a lot and so it’s nice to know that they might have something that could help them,” McCord said.

McCord also earned ‘Top honors’ and will represent her school at the global innovation challenge this fall.