Schools face pandemic and possible teacher shortage

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Bay County schools might be looking at another challenge for their first pandemic school year — a teacher shortage.

Tensions are high as the up-and-coming school year looms in the distance.

Superintendent Bill Husfelt said a lot of teachers would like to teach in a virtual format.

“I don’t think we have enough spots for virtual of all of the teachers that would like virtual, that’s the challenge,” Husfelt said.

Husfelt said this might put some teachers out of a job because most positions available will be for in-person teaching.

He said a lot of teachers are wanting to move to a virtual format.

“How can we use the employees we have and the teachers in a role that fills the needs we have for our students,” Husfelt said.

Husfelt said surveys asked teachers if they prefer one or the other, but they are simply a preference. He estimates only 15 percent of traditional students are switching to virtual.

“They are going to have to make a decision — do I go back to the classroom or do I take a leave,” Husfelt said. “Those are tough decisions.”

Husfelt said that principals must interview at least five teachers for one position.

“Usually when you have a transfer, you only have a handful of people who are interested, now we have a lot of people interested,” Husfelt said. “There might be 20 jobs but there’s 200 of you that want it.”

Husfelt said the number one priority of the district remains the same — giving parents the option to do what is best for their kids and their family.

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