PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Clothing for kids five and under is now a little bit cheaper. Clothes, diapers and shoes are now sales tax-exempt until June 30, 2023.

The tax exemption has been in place since July 1st. That’s led to more customers at stores like Doodlebugs in Panama City.

“You do see more people coming in when they know about it,” Doodlebugs Owner Beverly Mclain said. “So I think as more people talk about it then they do come out for that.”

Mclain said people are usually surprised to hear about the tax exemption.

“They’re more shocked when I tell them how long it lasts,” Mclain said. “That it lasts until June of next year for sizes five and under and diapers. The diapers seem to get them really excited, especially if they’ve just had a baby because those are so expensive.”

She said the tax exemption can lead to big savings for families struggling to get by. Mclain said the savings make it easier for families to shop for clothes for fast-growing toddlers, and diapers for babies. 

“Anything helps, so the savings for the diapers, they go through them so much so I think that’ll help a lot of young parents,” Mclain said.