Another Bay County structure has lost the battle to Hurricane Michael.

The Rutherford High School gym is being torn down after suffering significant damages from the storm.

The major damages include the walls expanding, the roof caving and the floor being lifted to almost a foot high.

After Hurricane Michael the schools combined grades 6-12 forcing all students to play in one gym.

“For a school that has been around since 1964 there’s a lot of memories there,” said Coy Pilson, Rutherford High School Principal. “So even though I wasn’t here in the glory days it makes you feel a kind of way to see it gone.”

Pilson said that they are hoping the school will be able to get new locker rooms in the gym once they are able to rebuild, and is hoping that community members will create new memories in this new structure as they did the old. 

“I think everybody that went to Rutherford feels sentimental,” said Pilson. “Even if they didn’t play athletic classes were in that gym and PE classes were in that gym.”

Pilson says that there is no timeline for the completion of the project, but the hope is that this new gym will be used as the facility for their middle school students.